You will find our stall on most of the markets listed under the heading of this website. We always have a good selection of bedding plants, shrubs, climbing plants, hanging baskets, tree's and fruit tree's.  We also stock fertilizers and compost. Although it's always best to order the compost for the market of your choice.  We sell 70 litres of good quality compost for 7.50 e and also a 50 litre bag of mixed top soil and compost for 6 e. Our stock changes weekly so keep in touch with this page and you will see at a glance what we have to offer.

If you see anything listed below or you want a particular plant, shrub or tree saved and delivered to the next market that is convenient to you please contact me on ......... englishmarketsinspain@mail.com


Our plants are not forced on so when they arrive on the stall they might not be bursting with bloom, this is because any plant that has been forced on takes up to a year to recover.  Our plants are ready to flower in their natural season and therefore will give you maximum enjoyment.  Our stock is always changing depending on the season.  We only sell plants that are suitable for the area we are selling in.  So if you cannot see that all singing all dancing plant you see on the coast, it's because we know it will not survive in your area.

Below are the dates and venue's where you will find our stall in the coming months.

Weds. 2nd September. Saydo hotel, Mollina.  .... Weds. 9th September. Saydo Hotel. Mollina. .... Weds. 16th September, Saydo hotel. Mollina. .... Weds. 23rd September, Saydo hotel, Mollina.  Sunday 27th September. Sabareigo, Jaen region.   .... Weds. 30th September. Saydo hotel, Mollina.

Weds. 7th October, Saydo hotel, Mollina. .... Weds. 14th October, Saydo hotel, Mollina. .... Sunday 18th October. Sabareigo, Jaen region. .... Weds. 21st October, Saydo hotel, Mollina. .... Weds. 28th October, Saydo hotel, Mollina. ....

Weds. 4th November, Saydo hotel, Mollina. ....  .... Weds. 11th November, Saydo Hotel, Mollina. .... Weds. 18th November Saydo hotel, Mollina. ....Weds. 25th November, Saydo hotel, Mollina. .....  Sunday 22nd November. Sabareigo, Jaen region.
Weds. 2nd December, Saydo hotel, Mollina. 
Dates for 2021 to follow.

We have some great stock on the stall.  All types of plants and shrubs as the season's go on.  We also stock fresh herbs, chilli plants, tomato plants, strawberry plants, fruit canes and anything else we find which is good value for you.  Do come and have a look round the stall when you see us at the markets / car boot sales advertised on this website, We are the ones with the purple van !  If you want any advice about something, if we do not know then we will do our best to find out for you.  Please order fruit tree's or an other tree's from us, we do not carry a lot with us because they take up so much room.