A new Car boot sale / Market in Salar, near Loja.

This monthly car boot sale / Market starts Saturday 1st December.  9 am. until 1.30 pm. and the first Saturday of the month thereafter.  All stall holders welcome, pitch fee's are 5 euro's.  Proceeds will go to the Child Epilepsy foundation.  To see the website site go to .. www.dravetfoundation.eu 

For more in formation speak to Bryan on 958348688. Or just turn up on the day and speak to them then. 

Directions to this car boot sale are ....  It is taking place at the SPS petrol station on the A4155.  If you are coming along the motorway, the A92 then you need to come off at Junction 197 and you will see the petrol station just up the road. The post code is 18310 for those using Sat-nav's. 

Do come along and support this car boot sale / market, this area needs something like this now others have closed down.

You can expect to see all sorts of items from Toys and clothes, to Ornaments and tools and all those things you would never expect to see. There are always different stalls there every month.

The dates for the car boot sales in 2019 are as follows ...........

Saturday January 5th. .... Saturday 2nd February. .... Saturday 2nd March. .... Saturday 6th April. .... Saturday 4th May. .... Saturday 1st June. .... Saturday 6th July. .... Saturday 3rd August. .... Saturday 7th September. .... Saturday 5th October. .... Saturday 2nd November. .... Saturday 7th December.

For further in formation you can email me on englishmarketsinspain@mail.com

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