Sabareigo Car boot sale. Jaen region.

Sabariego car boot sale.

The Sunday market / car boot sale at Sabariego takes place once a month.  It is held at Bar san. Antonio.  Between Alcala la real and Alcaudete on the N342.  Postcode 23685 for those that use Sat. Nav's. Sabariego is in the Jaen region. This market starts at 9 am. and finishes around 1.30 pm. Stall holders should be there from 7.30 am. to secure a pitch.  Pitch fee's are 5 euro's. This car boot sale takes place once a month.  It is not always on the same Sunday each monthly, the organisers tend to change from the 3rd Sunday to 4th Sunday some months so do check before you go. Dates for this years car boot sales at Sabariego is listed below.


 It's a great venue for a market, right alongside the N432, so it attracts plenty of passing trade, both Spanish and expats.  You can wander around the many stalls, selling both new and used items.  Then call at the bar for a hot or cold drink and also enjoy an English breakfast for 5 euro's. Or if you are staying a later a very good lunch menu is offered.  The market is used as a meeting place for all expats in the area to catch up with friends and to meet new ones.

Like most markets you can expect to find stalls selling clothes, ceramic's, arts and crafts, handbags and accessories, all differents types of gifts, gardening needs, Book stall, selling many titles and a service for loading ebooks, homemade cakes and pies, jewellery and greeting cards, bric a brac and many car booty items. Two great stalls selling all most everything you can think of, from DIY products to Honey and another selling all those things you did'nt know you would need until you see them. 

These are dates for the car boot sales for Sabariego for 2019.
Sunday 17th February. .... Sunday 24th march. .... Sunday 28th April. .... Sunday 26th May. .... Sunday 23rd June. .... Sunday 21st July. .... Sunday 18th August. .... Sunday 22nd September. .... Sunday 20th October. .... Sunday 24th November. .... Sunday 8th December.

Come along and sniff out a bargain.


Contact me on englishmarketsinspain@mail.com

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Call in to Sabareigo car boot sale and see what is for sale.

Sabareigo car boot sale. Jaen region.