Mijas car boot sale. Malaga region.

Mijas car boot sale, every Sunday.  Malaga region.


This car boot sale takes place every Sunday except on Race days.  It's held at the hippodrome which is the race course in Mijas.  The car boot sale starts around 8 am. until around 2 pm.  I am not sure what the pitch fee's are or what time stall holders should get there.  I cannot even tell you who runs this car boot sale.  So I can only suggest you call at the boot sale and see what the rules are.

This is a very busy car boot sale, there are a lot of stalls selling many different items. Mijas is a lovely area so when you have seen the car boot sale and bought your many bargains, you can then go off on a sight seeing trip and visit the many lovely places around there.

Contact me on englishmarketsinspain@mail.com

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Mijas car boot sale. Malaga region.