The car boot sale at Castillo de Locubin takes place at 'The park' in Castillo de Locubin once a month. Normally on the first Sunday of the month. Scroll down to the list of dates the car boot sale is taking place this year.

All stall holders are welcome to set up at this car boot sale. It takes place between 9 am. and 1.30 pm. Although you will need to get there earlier if you are setting up a stall.  Pitch fee's are 5 euro's. If you need to know anything else about this car boot sale contact Sue on sundaymarkets1@live.com Although she never answers her emails so you can always contact me and I will help if I can. This car boot sale has been going for some time now and is becoming well established.

There are many stalls to look round and also a cafe/bar nearby selling drinks and snacks and also an English breakfast for 5 euro's.  They also have a very extensive lunch menu.

The dates for this year's car boot sales at this venue are as follows .... 

Sunday 3rd February. .... Sunday 3rd March. .... Sunday 7th April. .... Sunday 5th May. .... Sunday 2nd June. Sunday 7th July, .... Sunday 4th August. .... Sunday 1st September. .... Sunday 6th October. .... Sunday 3rd November. .... Sunday 1st December.

You can contact me on englishmarketsinspain@mail.com

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